Ziselierpunzen, Punzen. Yunke Handarbeit hergestellte Werkzeuge

Yunke Set -BS#01 - All of our tools are made in our traditional workshop which is currently based in Spain. After many years of experience in jewelry making, we developed a tool to fit our needs in this field. Die länge der punzen liegt bei ca. Every tool is hardened and tempered to give generations of use and assure maximum performance.

Basis-set #01 12 Stück. Besides working on repousse and chase metals, embossing on metal, Yunke tools could be used for stamping, clay, textures, leather, etc. We carefully hand work the final fit and finish of each tool. Our tool is approximately 110mm 4, 33 in long. Yunke was founded in germany with the aim of creating a distinctive handcrafted chase & repousse tool to satisfy the most demanding professional.

Ziselierpunzen, Punzen. Yunke Handarbeit hergestellte Werkzeuge - 11 cm. Our main priorities are originality, longevity and quality, not quantity. Das sortiment hält die 12 wichtigsten Formen. Yunke tools are individually handcrafted, with hardened and tempered high quality carbon steel. We only develop a limited and exclusive amount of our tools Our tools are made from high quality carbon tool steel.

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Modelcraft Jeweltool flachem/Hammer, Silber

Shesto Ltd PHA8366 - Modelcraft Jeweltool flachem/Hammer, Silber - Ideal für strahlende & Abflachung. Glättung Metall. Krick treibhammer 28 mm Ziselierhammer. Multi-usage hammer zum Jagen, Meißeln, riverting oder peining. Hochwertige werkzeuge für alle Ihre Schmuck-Projekte.

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