The Viability of Organizations Vol. 1: Decoding the “DNA” of Organizations English Edition

Springer - In turn, volumes 2 and 3 provide an in-depth introduction to diagnosing and designing organizations with the help of the VSM. For academics, for vsm experts and researchers alike, this compendium rediscovers a theoretical perspective that can help them understand macro-structural issues; at the same time, it resolves many open aspects in the VSM framework.

  . And yet, organizations still seem to lack a solid understanding of what constitutes meaningful, viable, and effective organizational structures. Using the viable system model vsm as a framework, this three-volume compendium volume offers readers a new and comprehensive perspective on organizations and how they function beyond the organizational chart.

Understanding how organizations function and truly come alive has become a critical competency. Readers are taken on a journey, allowing them to rediscover all-too-familiar aspects in the life of their organization and to become aware of the critical success factors for its smooth functioning and long-term viability.

The Viability of Organizations Vol. 1: Decoding the "DNA" of Organizations English Edition - Moreover, it equips readers with a rigorous methodology for analyzing organizations and addressing deep-seated organizational dysfunctions, while also showing them how to redesign their structures and develop better and more tailor-made solutions. This first volume introduces readers to the VSM and its main components.

Today’s complexity, speed, and need for adaptation are putting organizations under stress.

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The Viability of Organizations Vol. 2: Diagnosing and Governing Organizations English Edition

Springer - Readers will be familiarized with a broad range of dysfunctional patterns that can impede an organization’s viability, while also deepening their understanding of organizational viability gained in Volume 1. This volume examines in detail the highly dynamic nature of organizations, the multiple equilibrium systems that need to be kept in mind, and the intricate nature of leadership in organizations.

It addresses fundamental organizational and managerial issues/topics such as the functioning of hierarchies, the various challenges throughout an organization’s lifecycle, the “right” degree of centralization, and the vital role of conflicts for organizational health. The insights derived from the vsm in this volume will provide readers with a comprehensive, nuanced, and sound conceptual foundation for questions concerning the diagnosis and governance of organizations, challenges and principles of leadership, the tasks, and the implementation of strategies in organizations.

The Viability of Organizations Vol. 2: Diagnosing and Governing Organizations English Edition - In a highly volatile and complex world where mistakes are virtually unforgivable, the ability to rapidly and accurately diagnose dysfunctionalities, and familiarity with the right governance and leadership principles, have thus become vital for organizations’ success. This volume, the second in a set of three, introduces readers to the Viable System Model VSM-based diagnosis and governance of organizations.

Organizations are complex social systems, and dysfunctionalities can settle in very quickly and almost unnoticed, costing valuable time and resources.

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