Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning English Edition

You've heard about "flipping your classroom"—now find out how to do it! Introducing a new way to think about higher education, learning, and technology that prioritizes the benefits of the human dimension. Here, and, when used effectively, he illustrates how technology is most powerfully used outside the classroom, how it can ensure that students arrive to class more prepared for meaningful interaction with faculty.

José bowen recognizes that technology is profoundly changing education and that if students are going to continue to pay enormous sums for campus classes, colleges will need to provide more than what can be found online and maximize "naked" face-to-face contact with faculty. Bowen offers practical advice for faculty and administrators on how to engage students with new technology while restructuring classes into more active learning environments.


Teaching For Quality Learning At University Society for Research into Higher Education English Edition

This best-selling book explains the concept of constructive alignment in education and aids implementation of this at multiple levels.

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